Together, we can create a No Kill community!

We're setting the foundation for a future where homeless animals are saved, not killed.

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Take action today, to save thousands of lives tomorrow!​

A Life to Live is an incorporated 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, located in Baytown, Texas, that was established out of our love and passion for providing an opportunity and better quality of life for homeless pets. We offer a No Kill alternative that provides life saving programs, services and invaluable resources for pets and pet owners within our community. Through outreach, education, and service, we provide cats and dogs with an opportunity to live their full life.

Imagine Baytown as a No Kill city. Imagine, that instead of homeless animals dying due to space, an arbitrary time limit, lack of exposure, untreated medical conditions, undesirable physical traits, age, or physical disability, that they were instead saved and adopted into a loving forever home. Can you see it? We can.

A Life to Live is committed to ending the killing of homeless cats and dogs within our local municipal shelter. In order to make our next big impact, we are looking for funding for a facility to house our life-saving charitable programs for pets and their people, so that we may expand our capacity to serve the needs of our community.

More than 500 communities around the United States are successfully running No Kill shelters, saving over 90% of the animals that enter their facility. Some of these shelters are managed by municipalities and some are run by private organizations. Some of these organizations take in thousands of animals a month, and others take in less than 100 a year. With the help and support of the community, and the No Kill mission at heart, communities are saving thousands of lives across the nation. We too can create a No Kill community within Baytown, Texas. To learn more about No Kill, and the impact that No Kill communities have on the lives of pets within their communities, visit the No Kill Advocacy Center or Best Friends Animal Society. You can make a direct positive impact on our path towards No Kill by making a charitable contribution today!